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Everything that comes into existence has a process of development, including our planet Earth and the Human race. As the ones who inhabit this world we must take the responsibility of our own destiny, we have reached such a critical point where evolution or extinction seems to be the only two options to make a move, so we better make this movement with more awareness and a higher state of consciousness as One.2020 has been a most traumatic moment in history for humanity due to the virus that has spread the pandemic disease around the world. Although by quantity it may not be considered as deadly as the Black Death in the Middle Ages or the Spanish Flu last century; the catastrophic socio-economic impacts are perhaps on an unprecedented scale. For example, this smallest of organisms has literally brought the most dominant superpower of America to its proverbial knees: unemployment is close to that of the Great Depression. And if the richest nation on our planet is suffering great pains, then imagine the dire situations inflicted on those around the world with far less wealth and resources. Economies are not the only global victims, the entire infrastructure of societies are also crumpling before this viral disease. Global tensions are rising to dangerous levels as recriminations and the ugly face of racism boils to the surface. Perhaps the only good uniting silver-lining to come out of this dark cloud hanging over humanity, is the worldwide consensus that the old ways is not what the global citizens desire for the coming New World.

One Humanity One World is a revolutionary Global Social Movement that proposes a paradigm shift in humanity’s reawakening; not just a temporary cure, but solutions that can potentially lead our entire human race to evolve into more advanced species that can explore the outer stars and inner spirits. Solutions offered includes not just how to save humanity, but also our environment, on how to implement good governments that truly serves their citizens, and even put forth financial budget plans to remove the military expenditures and instead invest in peace projects for the greater benefits of all humans under one world. This message is given for a wiser, kinder and peace oriented future. Unity is Humanity's hope today.Everything starts with a movement, and the time is now.

Content Manifesto

Foreword (Mevlana) 
Introduction Letter 
Mission Statement 
Cultural Acceptance 
Sustainable Peace 
Governing Systems 
Unified Nations 
Resource Distribution 
Peace Budget 
Environmental Harmony 
Universal Explorations 
Evolutionary Frontiers 

Manifesto Book
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Free pdf version of the manifesto in English and Spanish. Just contact us with your request and within 72 hours you will receive it

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