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Sunday 17th April 2022


In OHOW  we believe that to be able to understand the Universe we will need first to understand our inner selves and our purpose of existence in this cosmic evolution. To transcend across higher planes of consciousness, physical humans have to transform into deeper states of existence adapted to multi-dimensional life, crossing new evolutionary frontiers. Peace shall start within oneself so it can lead to the evolutionary growth of humanity.

This Zoom Conference will be broadcasted on Facebook Live (on One Humanity One World Facebook page) and uploaded onto One Humanity One World’s YouTube channel.

---------------COMING SOON----------------

World Speakers:


Andrea Wen

(OHOW Creator)

Dr. Ying Kun Liang

(Our Collective Creator)

•Dr. Ervin Laszlo

(Founder of the Club of Budapest, founder of the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research)

•Lee Moy Shan 

(Founder of PTTHF)

David Karlsson

(Representative of the Call To Friendship Association)

Evolutionary Frontiers
evoluttionary frontiers

World Speakers

andrea wen Evolutionary Frontiers
DR Ervin Laszlo Evolutionary Frontiers
David Karlsson Evolutionary Frontiers
Leong YING Evolutionary Frontiers
Douglas Lee Sifu Evolutionary Frontiers
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