One Humanity One World Global Social Movement

for a New World of Peace.

The mission statement of the One Humanity One World (OHOW) global social movement is to unify humanity under one world. It is not intended to suppress individual creativity or freedom, on the contrary by implementing worldwide programs for sustainable peace through collective harmony, only then will each citizen of this world be fully liberated to express their creativity as individuals. This social movement was born on the 23rd of June 2020, after the publication of the OHOW Manifesto.

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The philosophy of ONE HUMANITY ONE WORLD is based on the idea that we are one human race that should live together in harmony as one world family.

Based on the realization that change begins within us, and that it is our responsibility to take Peace off the paper so that we can evolve as a Species and explore our inner spirits and the outer stars. 

Takes One Human to build a New Home
Takes One Tribe to build a New Village
Takes One Race to build a New Nation
Takes One Humanity to build a New World


We are Collectively bonded by blood, by village, by nation; Now let us be bonded as a World.
Let us put Humans back into Humanity.
Give each of us the freedom to reach our earthly potentials in a healthy environment and a peaceful world.

We are One World Family and We must Protect Our One Hume, Our World, Mother Earth! 


Join Us in this Divine Journey!